Wednesday, February 28, 2007

He's Gone

This is a post from my blog in July, on the day after my husband was flown to Kuwait, a week and half later, he was in Iraq.


Yesterday was the Unit's send off ceremony, and I'm glad to report those who could turn out did. Our soldiers felt the support of their families, friends, and community. Tears were shed, handshakes were exchanged, hugs shared by all.

Our little group was followed by a reporter and photographer following my family. Many of our friends and some of Dh's co-workers were photographed along with us. Requests for the newspaper carrying the article were made and promises were given. I have acquired, in these few short days, new friends and reacquainted myself with ones I met before and didn't have a chance to get to know better. And my list of supportive friends grows every day. I can honestly say I will lack for nothing, because everyone will make sure I'm taken care of.

I battled the tight throat, the watery eyes, and gave myself the best day ever. I lasted until the final goodbye, holding my Dh close and telling him I love him and to come home to me. I was then joined by a friend I haven't seen since her wedding day. We exchanged contact information, as she is currently dealing with the same deployment issues that I am, though her new groom will soon be home.

God saw fit to bring us to this small town in the middle of Illinois for a reason. And I'm just now seeing more of the benefits than I had before. I never once questioned His purpose in moving us here three years ago, what I saw was people in need of our help. And eventually, He allowed others to come in contact with us that He knew I would eventually need help from.

Please remember to pray continually for our troops, for our country, our president, and for the people of Iraq.

They go, so we don't have to.


Ame said...

Thank you, Winter, for your committment to our country. I remember when you posted this the first time; my heart broke for you. How hard it's been.

When you read this now, how does it make you feel? You've done such an awesome job picking up and moving on; you should feel a great sense of pride that your precious husband can rest peacefully knowing you and your children are well cared for in his absence.

Dear God, thank You for Winnie. Thank you for her four children. Thank You for her husband who has chosen to protect me and my children, to protect our country. Cover Winnie, her husband, their children, with Your blanket of protection, and infuse them with Your strength. Thank You for bringing Winnie into my life. I love You, Ame

A Dusty Frame said...

I echo a thank you to your husband and you for your sacrifice.

I always bawl at footage of soldiers returning home. It's so easy to imagine the joy and relief in the hearts of the loved ones.