Monday, February 26, 2007

Welcome To The Covering!

We are a group who are now Single Parents, or who have been Single Parents, representing some of the different circumstances that have thrown us into the World of Single Parent.

Death. Divorce. Incarceration. Deployment; and there are many more.

You may be anticipating entering This World; you may already be in This World; you may want to know more about This World; you may simply like us and enjoy our company!

Come in and stay awhile :)

We are real people, committed to the One and Only Holy, Living God, living in a real world, and we hope you find comfort, encouragment, a refreshed spirit, a sense of community; and we also hope you find "normal" in this very abnormal World.


HopewellMomSchool said...

Thank you for this blog! I am a different sort of single Mom--I adopted my kids alone. I am straight, Christian and doing this out of what I feel was God's call. I blog about our life when I can. We deal with financial struggles, PTSD, ODD, RAD and normal pre-teen stuff. We've been a family for 4 years at the end of this May.

Ame said...

Hopewell - I'm glad you found this blog, too :) I've read through your blog; you have an amazing story - one of great courage! Dear God, cover this mom and her two children with You in ways that only You know they need. May Your covering be evident in their daily lives. May these children learn and know what true Love is. I love You, Ame

singlemomforgod said...

Thank God for your blog, I didn't know you existed! Now I have somewhere else to come and visit!!! Be blessed and stay encouraged! I love your blog name- The Covering such a blessing!