Monday, February 26, 2007

The Military Wife

My story is one of sacrifice and strength. I am married with four blessings from God, but I'm also what I call a "military widow." My husband is currently serving a tour in Iraq and there is a high probability of him returning yet again in the near future. In the time that he has been gone, I've struggled emotionally, physically, and mentally. I'm in midst of correcting health problems in myself, helping a child with ADD, and playing the dual role of mother and father.

God has been many things to me in this time. My Father, my Protector, and my Strength to name a few. I have learned to lean on Him more than I have ever done before in my life, and I firmly believe that is why in this time of separation from my husband, my marriage has mended weakened areas and given me the ability to see him with new eyes.

I won't deny this deployment has also been the most difficult thing I have ever faced in my life. Letting someone you love, someone who is your best friend, someone you'd give up your life for go to war is very hard. Wars are ugly and they're painful, if they weren't we'd grow too fond of them. And it's not only me who is affected by this act, my twin sons, my daughter, and my youngest son are impacted in ways I can only imagine. While I miss the many aspects of my marriage with my husband, my children miss their dad, the one who brightens their days when he comes home from work.

There are many out there like me, who's voice is so often never heard. And there are those who are actual single parents serving our country on foreign soil while their children are left at home. I hope to give us all a voice in this little spot on the web.



Ame said...

Oh, Winnie! I'm SO glad you're here! The sacrifice our men and women make around the clock, continuously, is more far-reaching than their very own lives ... their sacrifice is also yours, and your children's ... and, as you say, the children of single parents who are, themselves, deployed.

Thank you for the love your share with your husband and for your husband. I know that you are an incredible strength to him!

Dear God, thank You for Winnie and her four, young children. Thank You for the sacrifice they are making, standing next to their husband and father, while he is away protecting my freedom. Bless them in special and unique ways, and flow through her words as she shares her reality and truth from her heart. I love You, Ame

martie said...

Let me first of all thank you, Winnie, for being the military wife, for letting your husband go knowing the risks involved for all of you. How difficult it must be for you not having him there to share on a day to day basis. You have such strength...a gift from God, I know, but still......

And I want to tell your husband "thank you" for doing a job that his country has called him to do. I appreciate him and the others fighting to preserve feedom for all.