Monday, February 26, 2007


Last week, I received another letter from my husband. He sent a family devotional for our son and I to do.

There was a letter for my son about what life is like there.

The travelling tic tac toe game came back.

Then there was a letter for me.

I sat down on the couch to read. At the end he wrote,

“My covering and God’s covering are over you.”

I sat there staring at the page as tears filled my eyes.

I read it again and again.

He has never said such a thing to me before.

THIS is what I prayed for year after year.

A husband that loves me and that wants to be a godly husband to me.

Little did I know the road that we would travel to reach this point. I am still not exactly able to glibly say “Oh it’s all worth it.” Not yet. Things still hurt and our wounds still ooze.

However, I know that whatever God does to conform us to his image will be worth it in the end.

My husband’s covering is over me. What a blessed thought.


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Ame said...

Oh, Lizzie! I'm left in awe of God Himself! I can think of no greater words for a husband to say to his wife: "My covering and God's covering are over you." Truly, all praise and glory and honor be to God!

Dear God, thank You for Lizzie! I know Your angels watching her are jumping out of their seats hooting and hollering and cheering her on! She's been amazing because of the infinite love and grace and wisdom you have filled her with. Continue to show Yourself to her in miraculous ways. Continue to heal the wounds that ooze in pain. You are the great Healer, and I lay all these in Your arms. I love You, Ame